A cosmetic consultation allows Dr. Skellchock to meet you and discuss your concerns. During this meeting, she will evaluate your skin and will talk with you about the options available to achieve the desired results. Bring a photo of yourself from 10-20 years ago, and a list of the cosmetic products and skincare treatments that you currently use. She’ll also want to know all medications and supplements that you take.

For anyone who will be getting a treatment that involves injections, such as BOTOX®, RESTYLANE®, RADIESSE®, JUVEDERM™, or Collagen, prepare by doing the following:

  1. Avoid all aspirin, aspirin-containing products, alcohol, and NSAIDs such as Aleve, Advil, Nuprin, Naprosyn, etc. for 7-10 days before your appointment. All of these products thin the blood and can increase bruising.
  2. Avoid taking more than 400 IU of Vitamin E per day.
  3. Decrease the possibility of bruising by taking Arnica Montana, a homeopathic remedy statistically proven to decrease bruising. Start the day before your appointment and continue the day of and the day after your treatment. Put 4 of the tablets under the tongue and let dissolve, 4 times per day on each of the three days.
  4. Do not schedule any important social events or photography within 2 weeks after, since bruising, when it occurs, may last this long.

Before any treatment such as PHOTOFACIAL or laser treatment:

  1. Dr. Skellchock will want you to use a retinoid such as Retin-A, Renova, or Tazorac. This speeds up the cell turnover in the epidermis, which speeds up the healing response.
  2. Absolute sun protection is necessary for 4-6 weeks before any light-based procedure. We have several sun protection products from which to choose.