An interesting phenomenon is occurring in cosmetic surgery and dermatology. Today, men are just as concerned about their looks as women. Hair salons, cosmetic counters, manicure shops, and cosmetic dermatologists’ offices have suddenly, it seems, gone co-ed. Once the domain of women, these meccas of beauty are increasingly being visited by a new audience of men, concerned with their appearance.

Statistics suggest that men are the fastest-growing component in most cosmetic dermatology practices. Today, record numbers of men concerned about wrinkles, excessive sweating, frown lines, acne scarring, and excessive hair. This represents a quantum leap over a few years ago. While women become familiar with altering their looks through make-up during adolescence, men never have a similar experience.

Clearly, the time has come for men to shed their inhibitions to consult physicians about these problems. With so many new procedures available, cosmetic dermatology has finally become an equal opportunity option.