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Susana Wong, LE
at Dr. Laura E. Skellchock, MD

6100 Glades Road Ste# 304
Boca Raton, FL. 33434


Certified Micropigment Specialist, Florida State Licensed Esthetician, Certified National Trainer for Purebeau USA, Certified Trainer/Member of the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, Member of the Permanent Makeup Society International, Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.


Q: Am I a candidate?

A: Anyone who lives an active lifestyle, has a sensitivity to conventional cosmetics, or is just unable to achieve the right shapes themselves!

Q: How do I know what shape and color are right for me?

A: Corrective shaping will be discussed during your private consultation prior to the procedure. Custom colors are chosen for your individual needs/wants.

Q: Is the procedure safe?

A: We use the most advanced digital quality machinery. It’s painless, quiet, and noninvasive. Only FDA approved pigments are used to ensure the safest, most natural results minimizing color oxidation turning gray, orange, or pink.

Q: What are the downsides?

A: There really are no downsides! You will be the envy of your friends and never have to worry about smudged eyeliner, smudged lip liner, or uneven brows again!

Q: How long does my permanent makeup last?

A: Although the color is implanted permanently into the skin, sun and chlorinated water do cause the color to fade over time. For this reason, periodic touch-ups every 3-5 years are recommended.

Q: How can I benefit from permanent makeup after cosmetic breast surgery?

A: Areola/nipple pigmentation can be very rewarding. Self-esteem can have an impact on a woman’s recovery post-surgery, which is why many physicians offer the pigmentation service to patients after surgery.

Price List:

  • Eyebrows – $600
  • Eyeliner top&bottom/lash enhancement – $800
  • Eyeliner-top only – $500
  • Eyeliner-bottom only -$500
  • Lip liner/color – $600
  • Full lip color (liner and color) – $1,000
  • Areolo Pigmentation Correction – Price upon consultation
  • Correctional Procedures – Price upon consultation

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