NATURAL COLLAGEN INVENTIA is a revolutionary new topical skin-rejuvenating cosmetic program now being introduced in the US, Canada, and South America. NATURAL COLLAGEN INVENTIA is derived from rigorously inspected and select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish. It is a highly guarded proprietary process, which creates “live” collagen that is sensitive to temperature and is compatible with the human DNA. This allows for better absorption. INVENTIA utilizes new methods of skin preparation for much greater absorption and healing. This is a truly unique “live” protein, and science studies prove that INVENTIA can reduce wrinkles and promote very smooth, soft skin for women AND men.

Due to the special processing of our product, the physical and chemical structure becomes more durable. This new compound is better absorbed in the skin, it is non-allergenic and non-irritant, and it contains more of the amino acids that help to build collagen than collagen isolated from mammal skin.

Natural Collagen Inventia maintains its protein-specific spatial structure in the form of a triple helix, which makes it biologically active and does not turn it into a hydrolysate (as opposed to other products readily available on the world market). This is a major breakthrough and is proprietary to Inventia.

INVENTIA COLLAGEN contains NO chemical preservatives. The production process is conducted in sterile laboratory conditions according to GMP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 regulations, and all USA regulations. INVENTIA by Collfix encompasses cosmetics and dietary supplements produced based on this pure collagen.

The INVENTIA program is designed to repair and enhance specific areas of the body that include the face (with specific products for eyes and neck/neckline), hands, and arms. We do not try to be all-inclusive. Our specialty is skin regeneration, so we do not offer hair and nail products at this time.

Collagen is responsible for firmness, elasticity, and proper moisturizing of the skin, as well as continuous renewal of skin cells. It retains the spatial structure of amino acid chains, thus opening the way to slow down the aging process and wrinkle production, and as consequence, collagen restores the skin’s youthful, fresh look. Scientific research unquestionably confirms the unusual biological activity of INVENTIA COLLAGEN, resulting in the significant revitalization of the skin. The product also contains natural elastin, lactic acid, and other non-collagen proteins that improve skin condition.