Collagen gel is a complete all-rounder product, and you can use it in a number of different ways for a number of different reasons. We call this product the skin in a jar because it’s made up of 15 key skin molecules that are found naturally within your skin.

One of the key ingredients is our painted ingredient vectorized micro collagen. So factorized micro collagen is a very supercharged version of the molecule collagen, which is put into a vector and acts as a transporter.

This vector essentially taxis that molecule or tiny molecule of collagen down to the very deeper levels of the epidermis. Once it’s down there, it is able to interact with your own fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are your factory cells that create your collagen, and your hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid are some of the main moisturizers within your skin.

Once our collagen gets down there with that taxi or the vector, it is then released, and it stimulates your fibroblasts into producing more of their own collagen and hyaluronic acid for your skin. This is scientifically proven to increase collagen production from your fibroblasts by 49%. It also increases the amount of hyaluronic acid that your skin produces alone by 78%.

That is just one of the ingredients in our superhero gel. There are also 14 other molecules that are naturally found within your skin hence the name skin in the jar. We use the regenerating collagen gel for lots of different reasons, and in lots of different ways, it is a very multi-use product.

One of the first ways to use it would be as a serum, so popping this on morning and evening underneath your moisturizer to give you that daily boost, and it’s going to be anti-aging repairing, regenerating, soothing, and just enhance all aspects of your skin.

If you’re using another serum for a specific reason, then you can use this as a sleep mask and what we mean by sleep mask is something that you can literally just put on and go to bed, so it makes life so much easier.

So twice a week in the evening when you’ve come home, pop on your exfoliates are ideally first to get rid of any dead skin cells and then put on a nice thick layer of your collagen gel. Give it about 20 minutes to sink into the skin, and then just go to bed.

It’s a very good product to use when your skin has become damaged, so we use it as an aftersun. And it also great after any form of abrasive weather so if you’ve been out for a walk in the cold air and you feel a bit weather-beaten when you come home if you go skiing and you’re on the slopes all day, and again you get sort of that windburn it’s again a brilliant product to pop on overnight every night whilst joint holiday or when you’re in those conditions .to repair your skin completely.