The Goddess Facial uses a combination of facial massage techniques with the application of nature’s storehouse: flower waters and oils from trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, nuts & seeds…

The Goddess Facial treatment consists of:

  1. A cleansing of the face and neck with a gentle plant-based cream;
  2. Toning with aromatic waters;
  3. A warm compress to open the pores and aid absorption of a nutritious face mask;
  4. A massage of the face, neck & scalp;
  5. And finally a facial rejuvenation treatment with oils best suited to your skin type

Many modern (and expensive) commercial skincare products contain harmful chemical ingredients we would never be allowed to take orally, but are still absorbed into the bloodstream through our skin. It is estimated that the average woman applies 175 different chemicals to her body in the form of cosmetics every day and will eat two pounds of lipstick in her lifetime! The majority of these products contain a plethora of industrially produced synthetic chemicals, which can cause a range of conditions from skin allergies, to more serious medical conditions.