Jet Peel is a device that is very clever, and it was created by an aerospace engineer using aerospace technology. What they figured out is how to harness the energy of pressure and take saline and medical-grade gas, including oxygen, and put it through a small nodule where it creates micro dock droplets.

These microdroplets are hit the skin and painlessly open up the skin channels that allow us to hydrate and deeply cleanse the skin and even at all these different serums and products that make the skin healthier.

You can see a difference immediately in how the skin starts to relax, and some of the stretch marks start to soften. After that, the area is exfoliated gently with a Jet Peel device and using that at high pressure with microscopic droplets.

We are then we can add any type of serum that you would like. If you need brightening or skin tone, we can add serums that will do that. If you have lines and wrinkles, we get on some serums that have softened those wrinkles.

Unlike many procedures, the results from Jet Peel are immediate. People getting great results – people who have acne, even inflammatory acne you can see responses with two or three treatments. For people who need hair restoration or improvement, the device worked wonderfully, so their hair grows over the course of three or four months.

But Jet Peel does more than just improve the look of the skin. It works on people with rosacea, and it works with people with acne or if you want just to look natural and younger.

It also gets deep down, breaking clean up and getting the blackheads out and working on those little white dots that people have. You get a procedure that really penetrates the epidermis and gets down into the people layers with the skin and doesn’t give any redness.

We love the fact that we’re the only ones that have it at this time. The technology is starting to spread, and people are becoming more aware of it, and when they see the results, they always come back for more.